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Lynne McDowell

Outside Melbourne in Victoria, an old dairy with panoramic views of the beautiful Yarra Valley is home to my studio and gallery.

When I was 9 years old, I watched a potter at work on the Isle of Wight – just off the UK mainland … looking back, I think maybe it was the point in my life when I thought, I too can become a maker of vessels.

Early 70s Brisbane is where my true love affair with clay began … there I developed a lifetime commitment to ceramics.

The early 80s saw me travelling with the Australian Flying Arts School to teach pottery in remote areas and during that time I also spent two years working with Ian Currie while he developed his systematic approach to glaze research.  I moved to Victoria in 1984.

While flying with the School, the experience of seeing the wonderful natural and agricultural patterns with water sitting like pieces of gold in the landscape inspired me.

I continue to develop my signature work in porcelain with incised black line designs inlaid with gold and platinum luster.

Current pieces incorporate bright colours juxtaposed to each other.

I also enjoy the difference when working with earthy terracotta on sculptural garden pieces.

It is my intention at all times to be independent of trends or fashion and to create pieces which have a timeless quality.

I enjoy contrasts: the richness of gold and silver against common clay; forms containing tightness and fullness emphasized with vertical lines; intense pattern against broad undecorated areas.

I love the fact that clay is the most basic material on the planet but in the hands of an artist can be worked into incredibly refined and sophisticated object.

After the transformation that fire brings, the work takes on a permanence that may be discovered by generations to come.